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Dr Stephen Smith

Dr Stephen Smith, a senior partner in TAH, shares his home with his wife and two kids. This is, however not where it ends: he also boasts an impressive Koi collection (with 10 fish tanks), tortoises, a rabbit, a cockatoo, a cat, four dogs and a Gabon Adder. Dr Steve is an avid bird watcher, a very handy DIY fundi, an amazing painter and sings and plays guitar in his church band.

Dr. Ian Campbell - Bellville

Dr Ian Campbell

Dr Ian Campbell is a veterinarian with a special interest in surgery and prioritises in getting his creative juices flowing to balance the pressures of work, spending hours on photography, painting, and music. Dr Ian and his family (wife, two daughters and a son) loves going on camping and bush trips and can often be seen going on family walks/rides/runs with their two Rottweilers.

Dr Frank Kettner

Dr Frank Kettner is the Head of TAH’s Specialist Medicine Unit, as well as a TAH partner. He has a full house, sharing his life with his wife, two daughters, three dogs, three parrots, four geese, two goats and a cat. On the adrenaline side, Dr Frank does judo and loves mountain biking. He is fascinated by electronics and programming of microchips and dabbles in beer-making at home.

Dr Adele Rohlwink-Coutts

Dr Adele Rohlwink-Coutts is a busy veterinarian and mom of two beautiful, energetic boys, which she says keep her so busy that she does not need any other form of exercise. Dr Adele loves music and plays piano and violin or, when she feels lazy, she and her husband will enjoy ‘movie marathons’ at home.

Dr Aletta Mulder

Dr Aletta Mulder loves being a vet, especially dealing with emergencies, surgery, and internal medicine. Dr Aletta has two beautiful horses on who she competes in dressage, one of her big passions. She says her cats are her family and she cannot disclose how many she has…it’s a state secret.

Dr Athule Ndabankulu

Dr Athule Ndabankulu, originally from the Eastern  Cape, is a proud mom of four dogs and one cat, as well as several plants. Besides the fact that she lovs being a small animal vet, she is a big foodie and enjoys spending her free time searching for indoor decor ideas on Pinterest. Dr Athule enjoys walking on the beach, visiting art galleries and historical museums.

Dr Anabelle Fanchette

Dr Anabelle Fanchette is originally from Mauritius but fell in love with South Africa. This mom of one loves baking and spending time with her husband and friends. Dr Anabelle’s happy place is at the beach, preferably with her dog. she is also the proud mom of two cats who have both been rescued by her husband.

Dr Christa Gerber

Dr Christa Gerber is a nature lover who sees wonders in small details like little flowers and rocks, or even her mysterious cat. She is trying to become a gardener, but feels she is, in fact, more gifted in killing plants. Even though Dr Christa has not been on a bike for more than a year, she enjoys cycling and has completed the Cape Town Cycle Tour four times. She loves reading and going to movies (dramas for entertainment and marvel superhero movies for fun).

Dr Donna Brook

Dr Donna Brook qualified many years ago and has spent the past three decades tending the pets of Cape Town’s northern suburbs in various roles at TAH and local welfare societies. She is the mother of two adult sons and has owned a multitude of pets over the years, including horses, snakes and sheep. Dr Donna has also rehabilitated many wild animals and birds. Her current pack of rescue dogs numbers six. Her hobbies include spending time with her pets and in nature, reading and writing.

Dr Elize Verwey

Dr Elize Verwey is crazy about her young son, as well as her two dog children, a Beagle and a Ridgeback, and loves spending time with them, as well as the rest of her family. She enjoys being active – whether it is walking her dogs or going for a run – or going to the movies with her husband. If that is not all, Dr Elize is also an avid reader and plays the piano, when time allows.

Dr Hannah Burbach

Dr Hannah Burbach is originally from Germany and has recently moved to our country with her South African husband recently. Her favourite part of being a vet is caring for older pets and walking the road with them. Dr Hannah has three cats and she stays fit by gymming or by hiking in nature. 

Dr Joy Bhandi

Dr Joy Bhandi, who is originally from Zimbabwe, is passionate about the welfare of animals and loves soft tissue surgery in especially small animals. She is married (to a veterinarian) and has a daughter of three and a cat, whom she loves to spend time with. Dr Joy likes experimenting with African cuisine and often sources recipes from different parts of the continent.

Dr Keeley Hattingh

Dr Keeley Hattingh loves plants, especially orchids, and there are not many veterinarians that can boast having more than 50 house plants in their home! Dr Keeley is a mom to a 1-year-old daughter and fur mom to two dogs and two cats. She and her husband loves travelling around the Western Cape, exploring nature, and having fun. This is, of course, with a camera in hand, as Dr Keeley is a keen nature photographer.

Dr Mark Reyneke

Dr Mark Reyneke, who completed his community service in Barkley East in the Eastern Cape, aspires to develop his skills in veterinary surgery in the future. This extrovert loves being active, including  cycling, running, swimming, hiking – and just being in nature. Dr Mark loves spending time with his patients and getting to know their human parents.

Dr Nicole Thorpe

Dr Nicole Thorpe started running a welfare organisation clinic after qualifying as a veterinarian. She shares her life with her husband, Dr Jarryd Thorpe, who also works for TAH, and her ‘celebrity cat’, Rover, who they have adopted from Dr Nicole’s previous clinic. In her free time, she enjoys travelling abroad with her husband and loves getting crafty, being outdoors in nature and spending time with their family.

Dr Roland Bellstedt

Dr Roland Bellstedt is not only a veterinarian – he also manages a nature reserve in Du Toitskloof, where he lives (off the grid). Dr Roland is a beekeeper and farms with goats. He has several dogs and spends his free time in nature hiking and camping. Dr Roland is also a botanist, with a keen interest in bonsais and succulents.

Dr Sam Pillay

Dr Sam Pillay is a woman of many talents, including being an amazing veterinarian. Besides her work, Dr Sam knits, bakes, crochets, and does flower arrangements in her free time, mostly as part of her community work with her husband. She loves mentoring young veterinarians.

Dr Sylvia Farmer

Dr Sylvia Farmer is a proud ‘Namakwalander’ who has a passion for helping animals. It comes as no surprise hat her hero is Steve Irwin. She has a house full of pets: 3 cats, 1 Boston Terrier and an African Grey that she loves with all her heart. Dr Sylvia loves playing console games, watching crime documentaries and scrolling through Pinterest in her free time. She also loves to cook and explore other cultures through their culinary ‘art’.

Dr Sjandré Moller

Dr Sjandré Moller hails from the ‘dusty’ streets of Namibia. In her free time, she enjoys watching documentaries about literally anything, hiking and eating large pieces of cake. Dr Sjandré is really passionate about animal welfare and cannot wait to rescue a greyhound in the near future.

Dr Wynand du Plessis

Dr Wynand du Plessis is a proud father of two and loves spending time with his family and his Labrador. In his free time, Dr Wynand loves to do fly fishing, camping and spending time in the bushveld. In his younger years, he loved to ride on his mountain bike and plans to do it more, now that he is in Cape Town. Dr Wynand is a man of many talents: he also likes to play drums!