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Broadline Cat Small <2.5kg


Broadline Broad-Spectrum Protection Solution for Cats is a comprehensive parasite control for cats. Innovate Technology for the broadest spectrum protection. A unique formulation offering both systemic and topical modes of action to target major parasites. Broadline combines both external and internal parasite control in a single product. It’s simple to use, the applicator transfers the treatment directly onto your cat’s skin. Containing two active ingredients that target fleas and ticks and two that destroy the main types of worms affecting cats, allowing you to target fleas, ticks and worms all at the same time. Cat’s can pick up fleas, ticks and worms throughout the year, becoming re-infested whenever they are exposed to a contaminated environment. Your cat’s risk of exposure depends on his/her lifestyle and the risk of different parasites. Available for: Small Cats/Kittens (less than 2.5kgs). HOW TO APPLY BROADLINE: Easy and stress free application, with a high value device the brings veterinary expertise to home users. 1. To apply BROADLINE pull back the plunger of the applicator. 2. Remove the cap. 3. Part the fur in the middle of the neck between the base of the skull and shoulder blades. 4. Place the tip of the applicator on the skin and apply the contents directly on the skin in one spot.

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