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Dr Colin Levitan

Dr Colin Levitan has been a vet since 1995 – firstly at TAH Bellville and then at TAH Rosmead. He loves adventure and spending time outdoors (especially in the sun) with his wife, daughter two cats and a miniature poodle and he prioritises getaways to spend quality time with his family. Dr Colin is a keen hiker and has been to Mount Everest Base Camp.

Dr Christa Joubert

Dr Christa Joubert is a keen runner who regularly runs with her youngest of two dogs. Besides dogs, she shares her house with a husband and a cat. When Dr Christa gets a chance, she goes to the beach or spends time in the sun. She also loves baking, but it is not something she does often. Dr Christa and her husband often enjoy fine dining together.

Dr Clara Casanueva

Dr Clara Casanueva has been a vet since 2008. She is multilingual, speaking English, French and Spanish, and is the proud fur mom to three cats, a Golden Retriever and a Collie cross, who keep her very busy. Dr Clara loves the outdoors (kayaking and hiking) and family time is a top priority to her.

Dr Kaitlyn Reabow

Dr Kaitlyn Reabow refers to herself as a ‘social butterfly’. She loves meeting new people (and pets!) and experiencing new things, which are why she was attracted to the veterinary field. In her free time Dr Kaitlyn loves to try new and exciting things she has never experienced before.

Dr Rightwell Munyuki

Dr Rightwell Munyuki is not only a veterinarian – he also manages his family business and has completed an MBA. In the little leisure time that he Rightwell has left, he enjoys playing chess and a good game of golf to unwind. Dr Rightwell loves being a vet, especially emergencies and the associated adrenaline rush when saving animals’ lives.

Dr Travis Gray

Dr Travis Gray’s favourite quote is “Be the change you want to see in the world.” When he is not trying his best at that you will find him reading, writing, hiking, or chilling with his two cats, Natsu and Falcon.